This Is Why We Love Fashion

FASHION. Whenever we heard the word it follows up the question ‘ what’s your style?’, ‘what’s trendy now?’ Especially women who get craze of the newest trend. You checked out your favorite stylish blogger, your favorite celebrity, and all else we know who has also addiction of the trendy. We wanted to post it in our Instagram for our OOTD (Outfit Of The Day). Share it in our Twitter or to all our social media account. Whatever we want it to show, fashion is our best ways to express our style.

So, why we love fashion


Whatever it looks like, different design of clothes made us think of how we wanted it to look with our own style. You have been standing in the mirror for long hours mixing and matching the old or the new bought clothes. You look for the shoes that matches it. You borrowed makeup from your siblings, your cousins,and maybe the long time keep makeup by your mother. Because she knows that you use her makeup more than she use  it. It’s not a good excuse. But,  we can’t help it. Our own style matter.


Like what I have said earlier, fashion is the best ways to express our style! You may call it bold statement of yourself, but being stylish with your fashion is what makes you difference, and stand out. Have you ever heard a friend who had this out of style fashion but admired by some people who also happened that their style turned into trendy? I’ll call it as her style signature. There were different fashionista: Classic Fashionista, the elegance fashionista; Vintage Style Fashionista, this fashionista follows fashion from ’70s. I’ll insert a fashion drama rich in vintage fashion style, ‘Fashion ’70s’. This drama will give you more ideas about vintage style; Sophisticated Fashionista, most of the sophisticated fashionista I’ve known has their dressmaker. If they don’t have, they tend to be unique. They have their taste of fashion. A fashion that makes them look elegance, and sophisticated. These are the types of fashionista to name a few.


Author: thatstylishthingcalledfashion

It is not all about me. It is about us who loves fashion. Because Fashion is life for those who love fashion. Fashion is not all about the dress we wore, it is about how you carry yourself with your definition of fashion. Yeah, you heard it right. Your definition of fashion.

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