Which Fashion Style Is Yours

Trendy. Trend. Stylish. Style. Fashion. Fashionable. Whatever the terms related in clothing is always a fashion. A never-ending fashion from earliest time up to now. But of all this fashion style, which style is yours? Are you the trendy one? A punk stylish? No. We are a fashionista who loves fashion.

Fashion is everywhere. From old times and now, we see fashion style anywhere. It may constantly changes but always in style. Here are some fashion style that might be yours.


This is common to young generation. Young generation want to be updated and follows the fashion trend. Most of the young generation was influenced by their favorite celebrity or group of singers. An example is a group of boy bond singers (not to mention their group name). From Asia, their fashion had reached USA and Europe. Their outfits and fashion style has been an inspiration for so many fans.





casual clothes designed to be worn for leisure activities, particularly sweatshirts and other sportswear.

This fashion style is inspired from our sporty clothing. Aside from wearing it as an athletic or workouts activities, this clothing was used as part of fashion style in other casual occasions. This type of fashion style create a relaxed and comforting fashion.


Vintage Fashion Style

The vintage fashion style is originated from previous era (1920s) and now being wore by vintage aspirant stylish.


 Classic Fashion Style

There are some of us who get confused of vintage style and classic style fashion. The similarities were, it came from old era and yet it is still adorable. Vintage style are clothing from 1920s to 1980. While a classic fashion style has no clear sign of when it started, though, I found a transcript that says 1750 is the era of classical fashion. Whenever it started, what makes classical fashion stand out is its timeless look, beautiful yet simple cuts in clothing. You will love too its fine natural fabrics.



Whatever your fashion style, it’s what makes you stand out. You can even combine fashion from different era to fashion trend with your own style of fashion.

Author: thatstylishthingcalledfashion

It is not all about me. It is about us who loves fashion. Because Fashion is life for those who love fashion. Fashion is not all about the dress we wore, it is about how you carry yourself with your definition of fashion. Yeah, you heard it right. Your definition of fashion.

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