How I organize my thought on what to wear for a stunning fashionista style

This is for my fellow fashion lover out there. Be ready guys ’cause you are going to join me in my virtual journey of myself (or yourself) wearing the ideal type of fashion. A simple style that makes it worth it and on a stunning fashion level.

  1. Wearing a hat.

Wearing a hat for some is just a hat. Anyone can wear a hat but only few can wear it in a stunning way. So beware you. Before buying you have to mind the shape of your face and the size of the hat you want to buy. Mind too the color of your skin and the outfit you wore. Make it match with the outfit you wore. Another thing is, make sure that you know how to wear the hat you buy. Sounds complicated explanation right? It what makes you stunning when you know how to wear the hat you love. The reason why other girls got called like tomboy or sort of a spy or the like because they just wear the hat without any purpose. unless it’s for emergency purpose like you’re trying to hide you face from paparazzi? Just wear it in style.

2. Matching color of your trouser and top.

There is no rule when it comes to wearing your favorite top and trouser. The rule of fashion will apply when you joined the fashion world. Most people don’t mind what’s trendy and what’s out of style. But for us, fashion lover, fashion matter. Yeah, our style matter. Before choosing your top clothing, mind first your trouser. Except skinny jean trouser, it’s perfect for almost all top types. Though…always best with Tee Shirt.

3. Watch.

Rolex , Tommy Hilfiger, Omega, G-Shock, Seiko and many more. You name it. Watch is a jewelry that will make an outfit perfect. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any diamond or gold. By wearing your favorite watch. It will save your outfit of the day. Watch is the most important jewelry you could ever have no matter the price or the brand. Wearing makes you look cool. Fashion lover love cool thing.

4. Coat, Jacket, Overcoat, my favorite thing.

I won’t deny it. This is my thing. My favorite of all clothing line. In the end I’ve got a lot of jacket in my closet. Trench coat, leather, denim and other jacket. Jacket is appropriate for snowy country, rainy season or when you are in a cold place. Jacket stand out when rainy season strike.

5. Sunglasses.

Of course, if jacket stand out during rainy season and so the sunglasses in sunny day. Try to visualize yourself (female) wearing your very loved school uniform while holding Secosana sling bag in your left hand and you’re wearing sunglasses due to hot weather. See that. It either make you look hot or a bitch (sorry for the word). Though, wearing your perfect match sun glass is a must to protect your eyes from the sun while it add up to your style.

When choosing sun glass, always match it with your face shape. If you have a square shaped face, choose a frame with round or oval shaped lenses. For Oval shaped faces, almost any shade will work on them but I advice to choose sun glass that cover the face from the eyebrows to the cheekbones.

There were different face shape, round, oblong, oval, square, heart and diamond.

6. Choosing the right shoes.

Always choose shoes that matches with your outfit. Don’t choose colored shoes that will make you look like a bystander, or someone coming from nowhere or somewhere you can’t guess.

Note. Don’t wear all I have mentioned in one set. It makes you look like a hustler or a thug.